Summertime and a Sensory Space for Your Kids

An outdoor sensory space for your kids

Do you find that your sensory kiddos behave better when they’re able to spend time outdoors? That’s because the outdoors is a great sensory space for your kids!

Children running around outside in a sensory space for your kids

I know my children do. They love to play outside and can spend hours without being interrupted.

I do have to check up on them though, because sometimes when it’s quiet, it’s actually not a good thing 😜, and they’re causing trouble.

But think about it, what are they doing outside? They are digging through dirt, they are playing in the playground, and they are running around and being free!

Does that mean that an active sensory space is only good for the cold months? Not necessarily.

There are always days that are dangerously hot to be out in. Sometimes it can be rainy, and sometimes you don’t want your child to be out because you don’t want to supervise them.

The best sensory space for your kids is outside
Having a sensory space for your kids means you can have time to rela

ou want to have your coffee, put your feet up, and know that they have their own active space to go wild in.
Am I right? These days, I don’t get to put my feet up as often, but when I do, I definitely appreciate it.

I know you do too.

And that’s what a sensory space for your kids is for! For your child to get the input they need, and for you to get the much needed break you need. Because us parents of special needs kids, are often squeezed to the max and have very little juice left for ourselves.

An indoor sensory space for your kids is great for really hot days

I do love the warm weather though, because there’s something about the air that tires out the kids. They feel fulfilled.

Also, it doesn’t matter how many different toys I buy for them to play outside with, their favorite activity is always digging in the dirt!

An outdoor sensory space for your kids
Outdoor playtime is the best sensory space for your kids

One of these days they will find a worm and I’ll have to smile and pretend that I’m excited for them, even though I’ll be squirming on the inside 😂.

But, that’s why I love having a sensory corner of kinetic sand and play doh in the basement of my house.

1. It’s contained in one designated area
2. It doesn’t go anywhere else in the house (emphasis on that!)
3. It satisfies the kids whether they have sensory needs or not
4. I get to put my feet up

Having an indoor sensory space for your kids is a great idea for whe

You see the pattern? Happy parents, happy kids. But, happy and sensory satisfied kids make parents really happy. When my child is regulated, is when I can connect with him and form a positive connection.

At the end of the day, it’s all about a positive vibe in the home, isn’t it?

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