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Bringing your household back to balance with sensory rooms for your home.

sensory rooms for your home

At BRT Interior Design, we work with parents of children with special needs to help design sensory rooms for your children and household. Our design focuses on creating spaces that improve overall family dynamics and inspire a sense of calm for your children. We understand every child has unique needs and individualize our sensory room design to help your child thrive and grow in their environment.

We focus on ensuring a stress-free process so your already frazzled nervous system can rest easy, every step of the way!

You work hard to support your family and your child’s changing needs. It’s time for your home to do the same.

What is a

sensory room?

It’s estimated that between 40-80% of children have difficulty with sensory processing.

Children with special needs, ADHD, and sensory needs have a unique way of engaging in their space. They need spaces that let them exert their excess energy, foster their interests, nurture their curiosities, learn, and grow! Your home should be a place in which your child can flourish and thrive.

No two children are created the same and no two sensorized™ rooms should be either!

Sensory design is a therapeutic form of interior design that helps every child with sensory needs feel more comfortable in their space.

If your child has special needs or sensory needs, they might experience:

Sensory room design takes into account the whole person and the intricacies of your unique child’s needs. We provide you spaces that support the way your child receives information, explores the world, and connects with others.

When your child feels better in the home, tensions are reduced, their bodies feel calmer overall, and they can perform better in all areas of their life.

A space is more than just four walls with the perfect paint color. We focus our design on color, positioning, furniture, window treatments, lighting, sound, and that help to bring a sense of calm, comfort, and balance back to your home.

With spaces that are adapted to meet your child’s sensory needs, they will feel a sense of balance. Sensory design is a therapeutic solution that allows your child to thrive.

Sensory Rooms children's room with two paintings books and a stuffed elephant

Improve Your Family Dynamics with

purposeful spaces

Improve Your Family Dynamics with

purposeful spaces

We offer interior design solutions that meet all of your needs including full-service design, sensorized™ rooms, color consults, and more! We take into account every aspect of your family’s unique lifestyle and design spaces that grow with you.

Foster more creativity, health, inspiration, and focus with intentional spaces designed just for you and your family.



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Full Service Design

We provide you with transformation throughout your home, and offer design packages that fit your unique lifestyle needs! We specialize in sensory rooms and designing purposeful spaces that improve your family dynamics and overall sense of peace and calm.

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Designer by your side

For the homeowner that needs an expert by their side! We can guide you where you need it most! We can offer recommendations, help you plan and choose elements of your design, and achieve a space that inspires serenity and ease.

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a la carte design

Refresh your space with color, avoid costly mistakes, make decisions with confidence, and take the confusion out of the design process. We help guide you through your project smoothly for a cohesive look you’ll be proud of.

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What would have been a challenge for me to do on my own became fun and beautiful thanks to Beatrice!
– N.T.

Beatrice guided me gracefully through the daunting task of decorating a home. Her taste is impeccable. Not only am I thrilled with results but I can also honestly say that I had fun getting there with Beatrice at the helm!
– Arielle

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