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With a specialty in understanding sensory preferences and designing sensory rooms

residential and commercial sensory rooms

At BRT Interior Design, we work with families and business owners to create spaces that are beautiful, functional, and sensory-friendly.
Our design focuses on rooms that improve your sensory health/overall mood, and meet the entire family’s sensory sensitivities or preferences.
Spaces where they can truly feel comfortable.

We understand the many decisions and moving parts and pieces of the design process and we handle it all while providing you with liveable luxury for years to come.

You can rest easy every step of the way with us by your side!

how we can help you

Full Service Design

Residential and Commercial design from start to finish.

Sensory Room Design

Design that meets unique sensory preferences and needs.

Interior Design Consulting

Have an interior designer by your side!

what sets us apart

Clients love working with us because we make the process easy! We communicate every step of the way as we guide you seamlessly through the design process and handle everything from beginning to end.

We understand the chaos of life; the comings, goings, spills, and sticky fingers (so many sticky fingers!) your spaces have to endure. We know how to ask the right questions to provide us with the information we need to design a clean, fresh, approachable, and beautiful version of your space.

A space where everyone thrives and feels at home.

Meet our Chief Designer, Beatrice Tokayer

Beatrice completed her interior design studies at the Institute of Art and Design in New York, along with additional studies in color psychology and sensory integration.

Beatrice’s own family led her to discover her niche in sensory interior design.

She knew something wasn’t right with her family when her middle son wasn’t hitting the age-appropriate milestones on time. She had the innate sense many mothers do when something’s off and you can’t quite put your finger on what.

Her son wasn’t sleeping well, had too much energy without an outlet for it all, and was struggling socially and academically. Soon after, he was diagnosed with ADHD and sensory processing disorder, and Beatrice knew she needed to take extra steps to help him thrive with his unique needs.

Her own son’s sensory needs fueled her curiosity and passion for designing spaces that help children live happier, healthier, and calmer lives.

Seeing a greater need for sensory interior design, Beatrice has made it her mission to help others create environments that allow every individual to express their true selves while delivering on the utmost of comfort and functionality.

Spaces that are enjoyable, comfortable, and connected places to be.

Beatrice Tokayer of BRT Interior Design can bring your home back to balance with sensory rooms and sensory design

We specialize in creating sensory rooms and meeting unique
sensory preferences and needs

It’s estimated that between 40-80% of children have varying sensory sensitivities.

Children and adults with sensory sensitivities, ADHD, and other special needs have a unique way of engaging in their space. They need spaces that let them exert their excess energy, allow them to self-regulate, and balance their mood! Your home should be a place in which you and your child can flourish and thrive.

No two individuals are created the same and no two sensorized™ rooms should be either!

BRT Interior Design specializes in sensory rooms and full service interior design

Sensory design is a therapeutic form of interior design that helps those with sensory sensitivities and preferences feel more comfortable in their space.

When an individual has sensory sensitivities, they might experience:

Sensory room design takes into account the whole person and the intricacies of unique needs. We provide you rooms that are designed to support individual sensory needs and preferences.

A space is more than just four walls with the perfect paint color. We focus our design on color, furniture placement, lighting, and sound. We strive to bring a sense of calm and comfort back to your home. With spaces that are adapted to meet sensory sensitivities, there will be a sense of balance and relaxation.

Purposeful Commercial and Residential Spaces that inspire your sense of calm

We offer interior design solutions that meet all of your commercial and residential needs including full-service design, sensorized® rooms, color consults, and more! We take into account every aspect of how the space is used and lived in and design spaces that grow and work with you every day!

Foster creativity, health, inspiration, and focus with intentional spaces designed just for you.

Kind words from clients

What would have been a challenge for me to do on my own became fun and beautiful thanks to Beatrice!
– N.T.

Beatrice guided me gracefully through the daunting task of decorating a home. Her taste is impeccable. Not only am I thrilled with results but I can also honestly say that I had fun getting there with Beatrice at the helm!
– Arielle

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Intentional Interior Design that Helps Your Family Thrive.

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