Interior Design Portfolio living room with a tufted couch, chair, round coffee table and fireplace

Interior Design Portfolio

Our Interior Design Portfolio highlights some of our most recent work and projects. We love overcoming design dilemmas with intentional, beautiful design that brings the whole household back into balance.

Alpine, New Jersey

Main living space

This client connected with BRT Interior Design in search of a living room where kids could hang out, play piano, and utilize the space fully. They have small children who can make a mess of a space in no time flat, so we were brought in to create a space that allowed for family connection, while holding up against wear and tear.

We combined beauty with functionality in this living room with a new layout that allows the children to play, hang out on the couch, and use the coffee table as a board game space. The dining room table and chairs hide scratches and the chairs have a custom vegan leather seating that can withstand spilled milk (and tomato sauce, as reported directly by the mom). Mom and Dad get their special seats with standout fabrics. The custom drapes bring the whole room together and the rugs are… you guessed it, easy to clean and help mask stains because of the specific pattern we chose!

The family now enjoys hanging out in the living room, listening to their kids play music, and spending quality time together.

Their home finally feels finished and they feel more at ease that their furnishings won’t be easily ruined.

Luxury Interior Design dining room with wooden table, chandelier and eight chairs

englewood, New Jersey

Open Concept Renovation

Step into this beautiful open concept space which is bright, classy, and timeless.

This family loves to host company and even though their space was open concept, it all felt very small and stifled when they’d have people over. They wanted to feel proud of their home and have it feel complete, but they had no idea where to start. They contacted BRT Interior Design to work our magic in their formal living room and dining room.

We started out by changing the floorplan and flipping where the living room and dining room were. Since the family likes to host a large number of people at a time, this allowed the room to be functional and open, to accommodate people going in and out. The formal living room was upgraded in design and became a smaller space where people can rest and relax after a delicious meal or catch up over tea.

We brought in this stunning chandelier to the new dining room and custom window treatments. Amongst the many statement pieces in this space is the movable bar for socializing, which is multipurpose and can be wheeled about.

This design opened up their space tremendously and welcomed their many guests in with open arms. The dining room feels larger and can be utilized in the way the family loves using it most. The formal living room is warm, cozy, and inviting.

Luxury Interior Design BRT Interior Design console table with two foot stools beneath, flowers, a lamp and a mirror above

Englewood, New Jersey

child’s Bedroom

This family was looking for a way for their son to sleep better in his bedroom. They wanted a room where he could feel more independent, calm, and safe. The parents came to BRT Interior Design frustrated as their child has sensory issues, ADHD and other developmental delays. He was defiant and didn’t want to sleep in his own bedroom.

We started in stages with this bedroom, which can be important in working with children with sensory needs. We began by removing all the wall decals and painting the room a light cream color. We changed the ceiling fan and added a softer light fixture and rearranged furniture so that the room felt more comfortable.

Then, we added a teepee and created a small area for the boy to be able to calm down and relax when he needed to retreat from a stressful situation. A fidget board was included to help his tactile sensory needs and fine motor skills.

We also changed the bedding and added soft jersey sheets and a compression sheet. For additional sleepy and relaxation vibes, we added a diffuser with lavender oil.

The last piece of stage one was to bring in a pod swing for him to sit in and help him calm down and reset his vestibular system when he felt overstimulated.

In stage two, we added a peel and stick wallpaper that he chose from a few options so he could feel empowered in choosing it and added a small reading area for him, instead of the teepee. Using information from the parents that he was able to self-regulate more appropriately, we eventually removed the swing as well.

We followed his sensory needs to help guide us on what he needed, and used the clues and information that made him feel more comfortable in his own space. Our goal was to help him integrate into the real world by helping him overcome his sensory issues.

By progressing slowly, he was able to have ample warning that his space was being changed and integrate along with the shifts. He loves being in his room and has overcome a lot of his sensory issues.

Interior Design Portfolio Child's Bedroom Englewood New Jersey

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I can’t explain how much I love my new living room! The attention to detail is remarkable. It is exactly what I wanted! I really enjoyed working with you and hope to have many more projects together!
– Anna

She worked tirelessly to find samples and helped me narrow down my options until we found exactly what we were looking for. She walked me through the entire process and was always positive, upbeat and enthusiastic.
– S.R.

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