How to decorate a girls bedroom

Mood board for how to decorate a girl's bedroom

Decorating in general can sound overwhelming, doesn’t it? Where do you even begin? Do you pick the furniture first? Or paint colors? Paint color or wallpaper? Your daugh-ter’s room needs attention, and there’s no other time to do it then now, because you’ve been avoiding it for months. Now, your daughter may have sensory needs and then you’re completely lost. How to decorate a girls bedroom who may have sensory needs? From everything you’ve read on Sensory Processing Disorder, you might conclude that a sensory-appropriate room needs to be bland and muted.
Right? Wrong.

A sensory-appropriate room needs to accommodate the needs of a child, whether a boy or a girl. But when it comes to a bedroom, the ideal choice is to go for wall colors that won’t stimulate your child. This means choosing colors that are light, such as mint green, light blue or lavender. You may even chose a light grey or cream on your wall if your child is very sensitive to colors. Eventually you can add more colors throughout the room, by choosing some furniture or decor that has a similar color palate. If you start with those color choices, you’re on the right track!

Even though my preference is to not use gender specific colors, most boys or girls will gravitate towards them. So, if you’d like to stay as gender neutral as possible, then pick one gender color, like in this board, and keep the rest neutral. In this particular board, I used lavender as the primary bedroom color. If you want to decorate a girl’s bedroom and not feel overwhelmed about it, this shoppable board is a great start!

The furniture has a feminine touch to it, and is meant to have your daughter grow with it, so that you won’t don’t need to redesign it again in a few years.

Check out this mood board for more details.

Mood board for how to decorate a girl's bedroom

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