Sensory Interior Design for the Whole Family

Sensory Interior Design Family Room in Alpine, New Jersey

Sensory interior design for the whole family not just your kids

As an Interior Designer who specializes in working with parents of children with special needs, I focus a lot on designing sensory rooms for your kids. I help design spaces that inspire a sense of calm for your children and work to understand their unique needs so we can help them to thrive and grow in their environment.

But, unlike Kix cereal, sensory-friendly interior design isn’t just for kids! I design spaces using sensory interior design for the whole family because …

Happy parents = happy kiddos = happy home!

Creating Comfortable, Sensory-Friendly Spaces Everyone Can Enjoy!

I love helping create an environment that everyone in the family can relax in and enjoy comfortably. Sensory interior design for the whole family can improve the dynamics of the household and encourage everyone to feel calmer and at peace.

You work hard to support your family and your kids and it’s time to make sure you’re doing that for yourself too!

Sensory Interior Design for the whole family Open Concept Design in New Jersey by BRT Interior Design

What is Sensory-Friendly Interior Design?

Sensory design is a therapeutic form of interior design that helps those with sensory needs to feel more comfortable in their space.

Sensory interior design for the whole family takes into consideration factors relating to the five senses and utilizes strategies that help to minimize stimuli and discomfort while increasing a feeling of relaxation and ease in the space. It’s often highly specific to an individual’s unique needs and preferences and takes into account the whole person and their intricacies to create a space that’s supportive and calm.

Adults and children alike can struggle with sensory issues and can benefit from the techniques of sensory design.

Struggles that Sensory Design Can Help With

Many environments are lacking a bit for folks with sensory needs. Without intention put into the design, look, and feel of a space, it can detract from families feeling their best. Sensory design includes attention to even the smallest of details that lead to impactful differences.

A well-designed room that takes into account the five senses can help:

Those with sensory needs experience the world differently from others and having a space in which their unique needs are considered can help add positivity and joy to life!

How Can Sensory Interior Design for the whole family Improve the Home?

When the individuals within the home feel better, tensions are reduced and everybody feels calmer overall. It provides a safe haven from which to launch into the world each day and a respite to come home to and unwind in the evening.

Sensory design brings in elements of color psychology and takes care in every aspect of the visuals, including patterns, artwork, and lighting to help create a space that feels just right.

We focus on how you live in order to thrive when considering furniture placement, layout, window treatments, sound, and the overall aesthetics of the space.

When a space is designed with the entire family’s sensory needs in mind, there’s a sense of calm, balance, and zen.

Sensory interior design for your dining room

The entire family should feel comfortable

Sensory Interior Design Family Room in Alpine, New Jersey

You shouldn’t be living in a space where there are common rooms you don’t even want to step foot inside because they don’t feel right. The entire family deserves to be comfortable in a nice, common living space. That’s where sensory interior design steps in and helps place the focus back on you as parents too!

I help you create a space that’s sensory-friendly for you and your kids, and you’ll also love so much that you’ll want to spend time in it together.

The way you feel at home affects every aspect of your life, even when you’re not in it! Your home fosters creativity, health, inspiration, focus, and connection and when it’s intentionally designed in a way to support you, your entire life will be better.

I’d love to be the interior designer by your side who helps you take into account every aspect of your family’s unique lifestyle and design a space that helps everyone grow and THRIVE. 

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