How to Choose Interior Paint Colors

Interior Design Consulting Services can show you how to choose interior paint colors

Picking paint colors doesn’t have to be complicated!

Choosing the right paint colors for your space can be complicated and overwhelming. How do you choose interior paint colors for your house and ensure it’s the right color for YOU?

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As an interior designer, I help my clients with picking paint colors on a regular basis and I’ve learned a lot through my own personal and professional experience that I want to share with you!

1) There’s a Reason You’re Drawn to the Colors You Are

My first tip is to sit back and consider the colors you’re drawn to. Whether you’re looking through a paint swatch book, at the hardware store, or browsing online… allow yourself to gravitate to where you naturally gravitate and lean into what feels best to you. After you determine what you’re drawn to, spend some time to understand color psychology and research what the colors mean and represent.

This will help you make decisions based on what direction you want to take the space in. For example, red might not be the right choice for your bathroom, depending on the feelings you want your bathroom to invoke. You might want to bring green into a kitchen area where you’re focused on healthy living and growth.

Understand the meaning behind colors and head into the next step by choosing a color that fits the feel and purpose of the space you’re painting.

Interior Design Consulting Services can show you how to choose interior paint colors

2) Don’t Pick too Many Paint Colors

Many years ago, I set out to paint a condo I owned and didn’t know yet how overwhelming the process of choosing the right paint colors could be. I went into the hardware store, selected twenty paint swatches, and then purchased twenty different paint samples. I excitedly put them on my wall and realized my mistake…

I had picked too many and I was entirely confused about which was right, which I liked best, and which was which! Don’t pick too many colors to take home as paint samples, narrow it down to three and apply those three colors to the space, over as large of an area as possible to really see the difference between the three.

3) Check-in at Different Times of Day/Night

After applying the paint colors you’re choosing between on the wall, make sure to check back in at different times of day and night. You want to see how the paint color looks on a sunny day and a rainy day. How it looks in the daylight with natural lighting as well as how it looks in the evening with artificial light. If possible, use lighting fixtures that you will actually be using in the space, ie. a desk lamp or overhead light. If you use a ring light for an office space or bathroom area, check it with that as well.

Ideally, you want a paint color that looks and feels good in as many scenarios as possible and that will help you to eliminate and choose between the three you’ve selected.

And remember, the gloss of the paint can also play a role in how light bounces off the walls and reflects or absorbs light as well, so consider whether or not you will be using matte or eggshell on the walls.

4) Determine How Much the Space Can Handle

There’s no right way and wrong way to use color. You can paint a dark color in a small space and a bright color in a large space. However, some spaces naturally will need a brighter, lighter color because a darker color makes them feel too small and confined. Determine what the space can handle and reserve darker, bolder colors for accent walls if the space is small and you want it to still feel spacious. Lighter colors can make a space feel more expansive and larger than it actually is when chosen properly.

5) Hire a Designer to Help You Choose Paint Colors

If you get lost, feel overwhelmed, or simply have no idea where to start and what will be best for your unique space, hire a professional (like myself) to help you choose paint colors. A color consultation can be so clarifying for you as a homeowner and help you to bring the entire space together with furniture, flooring, decor, and all of the elements you want to include.

Remember not to put too much weight into the current color “trends” – focus on what you love, and choose a color that feels how you want to feel in the space! There’s no right or wrong, there’s only right for YOU! Picking the right paint colors can instantly transform a room to look, feel, and be more compatible with your needs.
Be adventurous, step outside the box, and have fun!

How to choose interior paint colors for a play space for your kids

If you’re interested in chatting with me to talk about choosing the right paint colors for your space, I’d love to discuss a Color Consultation with you! I can help take the confusion out of choosing paint colors so you’ll make the best decision for YOU.

If you need assistance with how to choose an interior paint color then Contact Me!

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