Keys to a Timeless Playroom Makeover

Keys to a timeless playroom makeover

Are My Kids Going to Outgrow their Playroom?

No parent wants to make an investment in their kid’s playroom makeover only to turn around and have the kids outgrow the space and find it too childish.

I believe that with the right planning and intentional forethought, your playroom makeover can be timeless and result in a playroom that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Keys to a Timeless Playroom Makeover

1. Plan Ahead

Your kids will naturally age and grow and shift in their interests and play styles. This is why it’s important to work with an interior designer and plan ahead in your playroom makeover for all the phases and stages that are still to come.

You want to think ahead when it comes to design aesthetics so that you don’t end up covering the room in a color they’ll outgrow, or a particular theme that will be younger than them in no time. You also want to consider the long term when making decisions around pieces that will be timeless and can withstand trends and your kid’s current preferences changing.

2. Interchangeable Features

One way I like to help my clients create timeless playroom makeovers is to include lots of interchangeable features in items and equipment for the room. For example, perhaps a rock wall starts out “beginner” with the option to remove elements that can bring it all the way to “advanced”. Or a basketball hoop can be moved up and down in height so it can adapt to different ages and abilities.

In this playroom makeover, I even included anti-slip traction tape on the climbing bars (to prevent accidents) that can be removed down the road when kids get stronger and more independent.

Interchangeability helps kids not to get bored, and there are so many ways to achieve it depending on your space!

3. Don’t Let the Kids Make Decisions for You

When it comes to a successful, timeless playroom makeover, my main focus is on the child and having it meet their ever-evolving needs and interest levels, but I don’t actually recommend a child attend the design meetings or weigh in with their opinion.

The details are up to the parents as the main decision-makers. The parent knows their children’s likes, dislikes, sensory needs, and preferences better than anyone else, and if you leave decisions to the kids…

…You might end up with pink sponge-painted walls or a Moana-themed playroom that they likely will rapidly outgrow.

It might be tempting to design a playroom around your child’s current developmental stage and interests, but remember that their tastes and preferences are constantly changing, and doing a new playroom makeover every two years can be time-consuming and pricey.

Let’s work together to create a timeless playroom that grows with your kids!

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