Is Hiring an Interior Designer Worth it?

Interior Design Consulting Services can show you how to choose interior paint colors

Things to consider before you do!

Is hiring an interior designer worth it?

Of course, you know my answer, as an interior designer, is going to be, “Yes!” but let me show you why and how I help. This blog will answer some questions you might have as you consider working with an interior designer for your home.

Why Hiring an Interior Designer is Worth It

here’s a lot that goes into an interior design project and creating a space that supports every member of the family and helps them thrive. When working with you, my goal is to create spaces that help your family feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable. I strive to make the process as stress-free as possible and bring a holistic approach that considers all parts of your home and the individuals living in it.

Every aspect of my process has been thoughtfully considered with my client’s needs in mind! The process helps to give peace of mind every step of the way and know that the details are being taken care of.

What am I referring to when I say my “process”? Isn’t interior design just a matter of picking out a few paint colors, some nice curtains, and matching throw pillows?

Absolutely not! Though sometimes I wish it were that simple!

There are tons of moving parts and pieces in an interior design project and depending on the scope could involve anything from taking down walls, gutting a kitchen or bathroom, adding new rooms and spaces, and more. When we first sit down to meet, we talk through the details of the specific project and go through the design aesthetic, time frame, investment level (budget), and what’s involved.

Then we start moving forward in measurements, planning, and getting bids from contractors needed for the job. We can help you visualize what you can’t in a space and unlock possibilities you could only dream of that will soon become a reality.

From here, we draw up plans, gather samples, research, create floor places, renderings, and give you all the visuals so you can get a sense of what will be taking place in creating your new space.

We handle each and every step of the behind-the-scenes juggling with contractors, ordering and purchasing, shipment tracking, receiving, installs, and quality control, so your head doesn’t need to be swirling trying to keep track of it all.

And of course, then comes the best part of our job! The moment you step into your new room and home and see the magic that’s been created, all without you lifting a finger or feeling stressed!

Then, all you have to do is schedule a party for your friends and family to come to see and enjoy your new and beautiful space!


Is Hiring an Interior Designer Worth It?

The Best Design Project is the One You Enjoy, Every Step of the Way!

Designing your home office for you

I often give my clients tips on how to make the process even easier and I think they’re great things to remember before contacting an interior designer to help you with your project.

Yet another reason hiring an interior designer is worth it is because they can save your sanity and keep you stress-free throughout the design process. I joke that I’m often one part designer and one part therapist.

Tip #1 Ask Your Interior Designer Questions. There are no stupid questions, right questions, or wrong questions. Ask as many questions as you like as they arise. We are always happy to inform you as much as possible and help guide you every step of the way.

Tip #2 Trust the Process. Don’t worry about being in control during the design process; you’re in good hands with me! Trust the process and relax as we take it off your plate and create a space unique to you and your family. The result will be a space that fosters health, inspiration, creativity, and focus through intentional design.

Tip #3 Know that Your Design will be Timeless. When it comes to making decisions, know that you’re not going to regret the design or need to redo it in a few years. Take into account the longevity of your new timeless design when making choices as we work together.

Tip #4 Have Fun and Stay Excited! Relax in whatever way nourishes you and rest assured that you don’t have to research endless hours, coordinate all the moving parts and pieces, and stay up late on Pinterest every night.

Good design is a balance of art and science. Trust our expert and experienced team of designers and contractors and watch as the perfect blend of creativity, beauty, and function emerges as a result.

Whether you’re looking for a whole home transformation, a designer-by-your side, or a sensory room design, I can help you with one of my packages that fit your unique needs. I design purposeful spaces that improve your family dynamics and inspire an overall sense of peace and calm.

Interior Design Consulting Services can show you how to choose interior paint colors

I handle all the moving parts and pieces so that you can relax the entire way through the design process knowing you’re in good hands!

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