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Keys to helping overstimulated kiddos wind down after busy Summer days

Summer days bring a more relaxed vibe for kids and give them ample space to play, romp, explore, spend time at summer camps, and engage in on-the-go activities.

It can be challenging to create a summer daily schedule that balances the desire to be more laid back in the summer months while also keeping kids in some semblance of a routine. This blog will help you create a simple summer daily schedule to allow kids to recharge at home after a busy and overstimulating day of playing with friends or attending summer camp.

Your daily schedule for summer can be uncomplicated and simple. With just a few simple shifts, you can create a summer schedule that helps your kids refocus and get centered every day, so they’re full of energy and up for any adventure tomorrow brings!

3 Tips for a Daily Summer Schedule to Unwind After a Busy Day

Summer Daily Schedule Tip #1) A Designated “Chill” Space Indoors

When your kids return from a day of camp, playing with friends, or on adventures, it can be a little tiring and overstimulating and they need a place to come home that feels comforting and safe to crash and recharge.

I recommend designating a space in your home that’s up to the task whether it be a playroom, TV room, or living area that’s uncluttered, clean, and cool. I love having lots of options for sitting that allow my kids to sprawl out a bit and lounge so they can fully decompress and relax their tired muscles and limbs.

Sensory Interior Design for the whole family Open Concept Design in New Jersey by BRT Interior Design

The key is calming.

Take a look at what is most restful and comforting for your child and set up their summer oasis accordingly. You may even make it extra special during the summer months with particular activities, books, and seating options that are more focused on fun vs. education.

Should I let my kids watch TV in the summertime?

This is a personal choice and only you can be the one to decide what’s right for you and your family, but I do let my kids watch TV or a show on the iPad as part of their daily summer routine because it helps them zone out and fully relax after a stimulating day at camp.

I set a timer for TV time and when it’s up, they do quiet games and free play activities indoors with magnets, mega blocks, or puzzles.

Summer Daily Schedule Tip #2) Give them Choices

With more fluidity in the days, the summer vibe can be mirrored by including more choices than you might when school is in session. For example, a very simple one is that I let my kids have a choice of snacks when they come in. They each get two snacks and get to choose one from the “healthy” snack choice and one from the “less healthy” snack choice. I also tend to give them a choice of two or three options in what to watch, and what to do after the TV timer goes off with a few activities to pick from.

I love giving my children some flexibility in this way and it helps me as a parent too, so I don’t fall into the trap of dictating every decision for my kids or being unnecessarily strict during the summer. I like to empower them by giving them choices and thinking through what they really want so they can learn and grow in trust for themselves. Kids have a lot of expectations placed on them and these only increase as they grow up.

Bookshelves with children's toys and books

I find that giving them choices helps me be the role model in showing that when it’s time to relax and enjoy, we don’t need to take ourselves too seriously! I also like to be an example in choosing what you want, embracing downtime and relaxation in a way that feels good for you, and communicating our needs clearly.

Summer Daily Schedule Tip #3) Stick to Regular Dinner, Bath, and Bedtime

When possible, keep dinner, bath, and bedtime as routine and predictable as possible during the summer months, ithout making it feel rigid.

Set a summer daily schedule for your kids

A daily summer schedule can get thrown by many things, but I find that the more I give my kids a solid dinner hour, bath, and bedtime routine they are able to fully relax into bedtime to get all the sleep they need, as well as recharge so they’re ready to take on all the adventures of the next day with energy and feeling more centered!

Ask your family what the ideal daily summer schedule looks like for you and start creating a plan from there.

Want someone to help you imaginatively design a place your kids can come home to and recharge fully at the end of a long day (no matter what season of the year it is!)?

I’d love to be the interior designer by your side that helps your family thrive with a daily summer schedule that gives everyone space to wind down and reconnect.

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