Child's sensory bedroom in Englewood, New Jersey

Child's Sensory Bedroom in Englewood, New Jersey by New Jersey Interior Designer BRT Interior Design

Calm - Sensory-Specific - Functional - Safe

A Sensory Bedroom that Inspires Sweet Dreams

This bedroom provides a safe haven for creativity, play, and the restorative sleep this child needs to take on the world.

This family from Englewood, New Jersey was looking for a way for their son to sleep better in his bedroom. The parents came to BRT Interior Design frustrated as their child has sensory issues, ADHD and other developmental delays. He was defiant and didn’t want to sleep in his own bedroom. They wanted a sensory bedroom where he could feel more independent, calm, and safe.

Sensory Design Takes into Account Each Child’s Unique Needs and Preferences

With this sensory bedroom, we needed to keep in mind the client we were designing for and working with the whole time. We paid close attention to what worked and didn’t as we went through the design process.

We started in stages with this sensory bedroom, which can be important in working with children with sensory sensitivities. We began by removing all the wall decals and painting the room a light cream color. We changed the ceiling fan and added a softer light fixture and rearranged furniture so that the room felt more comfortable.

Then, we added a teepee and created a small area for the boy to be able to calm down and relax when he needed to retreat from a stressful situation. A fidget board was included to help his tactile sensory needs and fine motor skills.

We also changed the bedding and added soft jersey sheets and a compression sheet. For additional sleepy and relaxation vibes, we added a diffuser with lavender oil.

The last piece of stage one was to bring in a pod swing for him to sit in and help him calm down and reset his vestibular system when he felt overstimulated.

In stage two, we added a peel and stick wallpaper that he chose from a few options so he could feel empowered in choosing it and added a small reading area for him, instead of the teepee. Using information from the parents that he was able to self-regulate more appropriately, we eventually removed the swing as well.

We followed his sensory needs to help guide us on what he needed in his sensory bedroom, and used the clues and information that made him feel more comfortable in his own space. Our goal was to help him integrate into the real world by helping him overcome his sensory issues.

By progressing slowly, the end result was a sensory bedroom their son loves being in and it helps him overcome a lot of his sensory issues. The key with this was ensuring we took it slow and provided the child with ample warning that his space was being changed and integrated along with the shifts.

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