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New Jersey Interior Design for Residential and Commercial Luxury

Intentional, one-of-a-kind spaces for your unique tastes

At BRT Interior Design, our designs are anything but cookie-cutter! We design specifically to your unique needs, preferences, and pay close attention to how you move, use, and live in the space.

Making places stand out as exceptional is what we do best!

Residential Interior design

Spaces that support your household.

No two families are alike, and we believe that no two homes should be either! We work closely with families to learn about each member of the household. Our goal is to help create a detailed, thoughtful and balanced home environment in which everyone feels as comfortable and calm as possible in the space.

Clients love working with us because we’re relatable!

We understand the comings, goings, spills, and muddy shoes (so many muddy shoes) of everyday life with your on-the-go family. We know how to ask the questions to provide us with the information we need to design a clean, fresh, approachable, and beautiful version of home unique to your family!

A space for the whole family to thrive!

At BRT Interior Design, we believe that not everyone has sensory needs, but everyone has sensory preferences. When we take these preferences into consideration during the design process, the entire family benefits.
Your home should feel peaceful and provide a sense of balance, comfort, and belonging.

Our New Jersey Interior Design Firm thrives on designing creative solutions that adapt to both the sensory sensitivities and preferences of your family so that everyone can enjoy the balance and restoration they crave. We handle every step of the design process, and guide you in the decisions that matter most for your unique family and home.

With our stress-free process, we take a holistic approach to designing timeless, luxury that functions and flows alongside you and your family.

Ready to experience more harmony at home?

We offer full-service residential interior design and sensory design for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms, whole home remodels and renovations, and more!

Your choice for interior design in New York, New Jersey, and the Tri-State Area!

Guest bedroom designed by New Jersey Interior Design Firm BRT Interior Design

Commercial Interior design

Spaces that Inspire a sense of calm.

Every business has a unique brand personality!

You want the clients who work with you and customers who shop with you to have a one-of-a-kind experience and be thankful that you finally understand them and their sensory sensitivities. That’s what keeps them coming back and spreading the word about your business!

We work closely with business owners to learn about who their clients are, who you are, and how you move and use the space. Our goal is to create a detailed, thoughtful environment where everyone who walks in has the very best experience possible.

More than ever before, businesses are taking into consideration sensory needs and preferences of their clientele.

New Jersey Interior Design Services by Beatrice Tokayer of BRT Interior Design

Our New Jersey Interior Design Firm works in many commercial spaces to help infuse a sense of comfort, balance, and calm. Many office spaces, schools, dentist offices, and hair salons can be noisy, overstimulating, and lacking in what sets them apart and makes them unique.

The environment itself might be disconnected from the vision and values of the business, and customers and clients can feel it.

We help you create a sense of congruence and create a balanced, supportive environment that helps clients feel calm and relaxed from the moment they step foot into your place of business.

Your office can become their favorite place to be!

With our commercial interior design, we help clients in New York, New Jersey, and the Tri-State area by handling every step of the design process, and guiding them in the decisions that matter most for their business and the clientele they serve.

Commercial spaces that invite you to feel at ease and experience a sense of calm. Your clients and customers will thank you!

We’d love to be your choice for commercial interior design in New York, New Jersey, and the Tri-State Area!

Our Interior Design process


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Discovery Call

We begin with a complimentary Discovery Call to get the ball rolling with your project. We can help answer your questions about our full-service residential and commercial design, sensorized®️ room design, and if you’re not really sure where to start, we help you navigate the next steps in your design project! We’ll also go through the process with you and explain how we’ll be taking your space and making it warm and beautiful.


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Design Consultation

After the discovery call, we book your Design Consultation in which we visit your space and take a look with fresh eyes. We can discuss your needs in more detail, and you can guide us on what it is that you’d like to work on.


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After we’ve gotten to know each other and we have a deeper understanding of your challenges, needs, and desires for your space, we offer you ample recommendations on what you can do in the space, and build a vision on what the space could look like. We provide a clear path to working with us and offer you options that would fit your working needs.

Kind words from our new jersey interior design clients

Beatrice has an amazing eye for design! She listened to my ideas for my living room and pulled it together in a way that I could have never done!
– N.T.

She has a great eye for design and color and is up to date on the latest trends. I would most definitely recommend Bea!
– S.R.

Are you ready for a home where your whole family can thrive?

Reach out to schedule your discovery call today.

Intentional Interior Design that Helps Your Family Thrive.

Let us be your interior designer of choice in New Jersey, New York, and the tri-state area!

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