BRT Interior Design offers Interior Design Consulting

Interior Design Consulting to Help You Navigate with Ease

We provide you with the support and guidance for your interior design project, helping you make the decisions that matter most.

With interior design consulting, we help you overcome complex design challenges easily, avoid costly mistakes, and feel less overwhelmed by the many decisions and moving parts.

We support you in your interior design projects by guiding you where you need it most so you can achieve a beautiful and balanced space.

Our Interior design consulting services

For the homeowner who likes to be involved, we offer packages to assist with color, measurements, shopping and more. No more polling your social media friends for which kind of flooring you should go with or searching the web contractors.

We know your design needs aren’t cookie-cutter, so we offer solutions designed for yours! We offer everything from virtual design services, to color consults, to a Designer by Your Side. So you don’t have to go it alone, even if you’re a die-hard DIYer.

Designer by Your side

We step in as your interior design consultant and the expert by your side and give you the guidance you need to design your spaces! We help you navigate your project smoothly and with ease for a cohesive look you’ll be proud of.

Are You:

We work closely with you throughout the service to answer design questions, offer guidance and expertise and give you a design professional in your back pocket. We help develop floor plans, layouts, find optimal sourcing solutions, and provide resources for furnishings, fixtures, finishes, and more. We can help you pick out just the right paint, coordinate with contractors, and more!

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Interior Design Consulting Designer by Your Side Service from BRT Interior Design

À la Carte design solutions

Interior Design Consulting A La Carte Services from BRT Interior Design

Our a la carte solutions offers DIY-ers interior design consulting to help overcome any speed bumps they hit while doing it alone. We help guide you through your project smoothly and with ease for a cohesive look you’ll be proud of.

Have You Been:

We help you shop for the right items, in the right order with a focus on colors, patterns, styles, and shapes unique to your home and tastes (we can even go shopping with you!). We map out the layout with you so all the great stuff you bought ends up in just the right spot and provide you with overall space-planning and floor plan options.

You’ll save time, money, and mistakes as we help you choose the right items the first time and create a cohesive design that finally feels like home.

We can roll up our sleeves alongside you and help rearrange furniture, art, and other decor. Together, we can select and pull together the essential design elements you need for your project!

Color Consultations | Styling and Decor | Space Planning | Virtual Design Services

Interior Design Consulting services tailored to your needs.

Kind words from clients

She never made me feel pressured, but was still able to keep our projects on task and see them through to a beautiful finished product. Her willingness to work hard and search for alternative options made me feel confident that our decisions were well researched and the best that could be made.
– Arielle

She did research for me and went to showrooms and warehouses to help me figure out what would work best for me in the space I had, within the budget I gave her.
– S.R.

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